I am an artist, critical writer, and educator. My cross-disciplinary practice spans multiple media and forms, incorporating performance, text based installations, textiles, print works, neon, socially engaged interactions and interventions, participatory sewing projects, published scholarly writing, editorial projects, and collaborations. Working across art and theory, my practice explores collectivity and intersubjective relationships, working conditions and workers' rights, and the value of artistic labor. Much of my work is centrally concerned with labor histories and the performance of labor.

My work responds to and seeks to create dialogue about pressing current issues, notably, working conditions and the curtailment of workers' rights, economic globalization, precarity, and the value of artistic labor. Other creative and scholarly projects investigate the social histories of textiles, their connections to collectivity and community, artistic production, and the performance of labor. My various projects draw inspiration from historical instances of collective organizing, particularly in the labor movement, and they seek to connect past and present forms of collectivity, collaboration, and community building. My extended practice considers art-making, text, and teaching to be critical tools to help foster connections to history, to politics, and to other people.