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Awarded a Craft Research Grant for research toward the book manuscript Social Fabrics: The Art of Community, Craft Research Fund, 2018

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Visiting Scholar, Senior Seminar in Fiber; roundtable participant, "Social Fabric: Textiles, Collective Action, and Social Movement Work", Maryland College Institute of Art, 2018.

"Unsettling the Fiber Canon: Unraveling a Culture of Whiteness", College Art Association Annual Conference, Los Angeles, 2018.

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New Demands?
Solo exhibition, Sector 2337 project space, Chicago
May 2017

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New Demands? at Artspace NY, in conjunction with Art in Action at the College Art Association annual conference

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“Performing Globalization: Movement, Migration and Materiality in the work of Anne Wilson and Mandy Cano Villalobos”, Textile Society of America’s 15th Biennial Symposium, Savannah, GA, October 2016.
- Nominated for the Founding President's Award

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The Art of Repair, Surface Design Journal, Fall 2016.Guest Editor of “Crafting Community” — a special issue of Textile: The Journal of Cloth and Culture, Volume 14 Issue 1, March 2016. With Kirsty Robertson.

New Demands?
Solo exhibition at Spudnik Press & Cooperative, Chicago
May 2016

New Demands?
Solo exhibition, For the Thundercloud Generation, Chicago. Curated by Polly Yates, January 2016.

"Performing Globalization"
Book Chapter for The Handbook of Textile Culture, edited by Hazel Clark, Janis Jeffries, and Diana Wood-Conroy
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Artist in Residence at Spudnik Press and Cooperative, Fall 2015.

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New Directions: Examining the Past, Creating the Future
Textile Society of America, 14th Biennial Symposium,
Los Angeles, September 2014.

New Demands?
Performance and Exhibition of performance documentation
Urban Institute for Contemporary Art (UICA)
Grand Rapids MI, March 2014

Co-Chair of the panel "Crafting Community: Textiles, Collaboration, and Social Space" - with Dr. Kirsty Robertson. Presentations by Nancy Feldman • Nicole Archer • Janis Jefferies • Rowland Ricketts • Julia Skelly • Aram Han
College Art Association annual conference
Chicago, February 2014

"Carole Frances Lung's Sewing Rebellion: Resisting the Global Garment Industry, One Stitch at a Time"
The Subversive Stitch Revisited - The Politics of Cloth
Victoria and Albert Museum, London
November, 2013

Camp CARPA, Craft Advanced Research Agency
Joshua Tree, October 2013

New Demands?
Performance Studies International - PSi19
Stanford University, June , 2013

New Demands?
In collaboration with Grace Exhibition and Performance Space
New York, NY, 2013

"Crafting the Social: Craft and Collaboration"
College Art Association annual conference
New York, NY
February 2013

New Demands?
2nd Floor Rear
Saturday, Feb 9th, 2013
2 - 4pm
Walking performance between California and Logan Square CTA Blue Line stations

Co-Chair: "Material Matters: The Politics of Making and Materials"
Textiles and Politics, Textile Society of America 100th anniversary Symposium, Washington DC
With Ingrid Bachmann and Ruth Scheuing
September 2012

"Performing Globalization: Anne Wilson"
Performance Studies International PSI 18, Leeds UK
June 2012

New Demands?
Rapid Pulse Performance Art Festival
Defibrillator, Chicago
June 2012

Open Engagement | Art and Social Practice, Portland, OR
May 2012*

"New Demands?"*
Performance presented by Articule special projects, Montreal
April 2 - 6th, 2012

Anne Elizabeth Moore's Garment Work: unpicking the global garment industry
The Journal of Modern Craft online, 2012