I am a scholar, artist, and educator. I consider writing, research, art making and teaching to all be critical tools that foster deeper connections to history, to politics, and to other people.

My cross-disciplinary practice spans multiple media and forms including published scholarly writing, editorial projects, text based installations, print works, neon, performance, textiles, sited interventions, and collaborations. Working across art and theory, I am centrally concerned with intersubjective relationships and community across art and activism; with labor justice and struggles for better working and living conditions; and with the active and important role art can play in bringing people together in demanding social change.

My various projects draw inspiration from historical instances of collective organizing, particularly in the labor movement, and they seek to connect past and present forms of collectivity, collaboration, and community building. Often focusing on fiber and craft, I am centrally concerned with notions of "crafting community", and the ways in which artists and activists are mobilizing fiber to educate, raise public awareness, foster dialog and greater social bonds, and work for social, racial, and economic justice and equality.