unsettling coloniality: a critical and radical fiber/textile bibliography
unsettling coloniality: a critical and radical fiber/textile bibliography

Co-authored with Aram Han Sifuentes and Namita Wiggers, design by Ishita Dharap. Original image from the bibliography created by Ishita Dharap

The bibliography was compiled to address decolonization and unsettling coloniality, while identifying and rupturing structures of white power and privilege in society, the
art world, and in the field of fiber and textiles. It was created for students, educators, curators, arts administrators, practitioners of fiber art - all those who are invested in learning more about inclusion, equity, and agency. The texts we compiled have been collected over the years as an integral part of our individual research and practices as artists, educators, and writers. The texts address coloniality and our critiques of the field, expanding and complicating our understandings of fiber and textile histories, calling out whiteness and privilege inside and outside the field, and including models of decolonization and upsets of known hierarchies. This bibliography is in no way complete, and we acknowledge substantial gaps and areas requiring development.

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