Crafting Community
Crafting Community
Journal issue

Special issue of Textile: Cloth and Culture, Volume 14 No.1, March 2014
Co-edited with Dr. Kirsty Robertson

This special issue on the theme of Crafting Community was inspired by the recent proliferation of public and participatory projects in contemporary fiber. Whether bringing people together in physical or digital spaces or both, artists are mobilizing textiles to spur interpersonal dialog and exchange, and to educate, build community, and advocate for social change. Their projects create social bonds and foster new types of community, some fleeting and temporary, and others more long term and durational. This themed issue explores a range of cross-temporal and cross-disciplinary interpretations of crafting community, with contributions by Stephanie G. Anderson, Nicole Archer, Nicole Burisch, The Craft Mystery Cult (Sonja Dahl, Jovencio de la Paz, and Stacey-Jo Scott), Mackenzie Kelly-Frère, Ector Garcia, Janis Jefferies, Rowland Ricketts, Kirsty Robertson, and Lisa Vinebaum.