New Demands?
Performance, Stanford University
Photo: Kenny Smilovitch
This iteration of New Demands? was performed at Performance Studies International (PSi 19), "Performing Temporalities" at Stanford University, Palo Alto CA.

This performance explored the often invisible support work that sustains academia at Stanford University and other educational institutions — work performed by service and contract workers, academic support staff, clerical workers, maintenance workers, and others whose work goes unnoticed and under-remunerated. These mainly non-unionized workers — including large numbers of part-time faculty — earn low hourly wages and, unlike full-time academic faculty, often do not have access to health care and pension benefits. The performance connects past and present campaigns to improve working conditions for support workers at Stanford University — large numbers of whom are Chicano or immigrant workers.

This placard is inspired by the Stanford Living Wage Campaign, which demands a living wage for ALL campus employees.
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