album, a postmemory installation
Installation combining family photographs, archival photographs from the Lodz ghetto, home furnishings, handwritten wallpaper, and video testimony of surviving the war by my maternal grandmother
Photos: Guy L'Heureux
This project explores the intersections of personal and historical memory. Using a combination of family furniture and artifacts, family and archival photographs, and oral history by my grandmother, this work sought to preserve family memory in the context of a traumatic event — the Holocaust — while also exploring the inevitable gaps in traumatic memory and second-generation witnessing.

This project draws on the concept of "postmemory", a term coined by scholar Marianne Hirsch to describe the mediated "memories" that may develop in secondary witnessing projects — those in which one does not experience a traumatic event directly, but rather, by way of family stories, orla history, films, memorial institutions, literature, art, etc.
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